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arogge Bareos Bot master 2023-09-15 10:33 master faa80667 Pending
Changeset lib: make TLS Enable = no imply TLS Require = no

Previously, when setting `TLS Require = yes` this would implicitly also
set `TLS Enable = yes`.
Since both, `TLS Enable` and `TLS Require` now default to yes, this
would mean that to disable TLS you have to set both `TLS Enable = no`
and `TLS Require = no`.
Thus patch changes the behaviour, to make `TLS Enable = no` also imply
`TLS Require = no`.

The most common scenarios don't require any configuration change, as the
effect is unchanged. In the improbable case where you had configured
Bareos like this:
TLS Enable = no
TLS Require = yes
The old behaviour was to have TLS enabled and required, while the new
behaviour is now to have TLS disabled.
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