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Changeset stored: increase default block size to 1M

Historically Bareos uses a default block size of 63k (64.512 bytes).
This usually works fine, until you use a modern tape drive. We already
have a whilepaper on how to achieve good performance with tape drives,
but you need to reconfigure the block sizes and there are a lot of ways
you can break Bareos that way.

With the default block size set to 1M (1.048.576 bytes), there is no
need to configure a custom block size for tapes anymore, as this new
default now provides optimum performance for recent tape drives out of
the box.

The default has been chosen carefully to provide optimum performance
while retaining maximum interoperability. As there are still
hostadapters (e.g. smartpqi) that cannot handle I/O larger than 1M and
tape performance does not show significant increase when using a
blocksize larger than 1M, this seems to be the reasonable choice.
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