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Marco van Wieringen Marco van Wieringen playground 2014-04-05 10:10 playground 8c01c8b1 Pending
Changeset Bring config engine to 2014 and don't polute namespace.

Implement a TODO from June 2008 and get ride of a slack of global
variables used by the config engine. The code seems to be have been
refactored in 2008 to access most configfile parsing via the CONFIG
class and it already has most of the needed structures which also were
kept as global variables. From now on the config engine is accessed via
the CONFIG class and only res_all is left as global variable. As a side
effect the config CLASS is now available as my_config and is a global

Global variable introduced:

- CLASS CONFIG *my_config (Global configuration)

Global variables removed:

- res_all_size
- r_first
- r_last
- resources
- res_head

It should be possible also to get ride of res_all but that needs some
more testing. And is currently not very high on my urgency map.
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