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pstorz GitHub bareos-17.2 2020-08-26 23:14 bareos-17.2 ebdef8eb Pending
Changeset Merge pull request 0000579 from bareos/dev/arogge/bareos-17.2/disable-ceph-on-suse

Changes to Bareos 17.2 to build with the current Continous Integration Suite
mod - configure Diff File
mod - docs/pkglists/CentOS_6.x86_64 Diff File
mod - docs/pkglists/CentOS_7.x86_64 Diff File
rm - docs/pkglists/CentOS_8.x86_64 Diff File
mod - docs/pkglists/Debian_10.x86_64 Diff File
mod - docs/pkglists/Debian_8.0.i586 Diff File
mod - docs/pkglists/Debian_8.0.x86_64 Diff File
mod - docs/pkglists/Debian_9.0.i586 Diff File
mod - docs/pkglists/Debian_9.0.x86_64 Diff File
rm - docs/pkglists/Fedora_29.x86_64 Diff File
rm - docs/pkglists/Fedora_30.x86_64 Diff File
rm - docs/pkglists/Fedora_31.x86_64 Diff File
rm - docs/pkglists/Fedora_32.x86_64 Diff File
rm - docs/pkglists/FreeBSD_11.3.amd64 Diff File
rm - docs/pkglists/FreeBSD_12.0.amd64 Diff File
rm - docs/pkglists/FreeBSD_12.1.amd64 Diff File
rm - docs/pkglists/MacOS_10.13.6.x64 Diff File
mod - docs/pkglists/RHEL_6.x86_64 Diff File
mod - docs/pkglists/RHEL_7.x86_64 Diff File
rm - docs/pkglists/RHEL_8.x86_64 Diff File
mod - docs/pkglists/SLE_12_SP4.x86_64 Diff File
mod - docs/pkglists/SLE_15.x86_64 Diff File
mod - docs/pkglists/SLE_15_SP1.x86_64 Diff File
rm - docs/pkglists/Solaris_11.4.i386 Diff File
rm - docs/pkglists/Solaris_11.4.sparc Diff File
rm - docs/pkglists/Univention_4.3.x86_64 Diff File
rm - docs/pkglists/openSUSE_Leap_15.0.x86_64 Diff File
mod - docs/pkglists/openSUSE_Leap_15.1.x86_64 Diff File
rm - docs/pkglists/openSUSE_Leap_15.2.x86_64 Diff File
rm - docs/pkglists/win32-debug Diff File
rm - docs/pkglists/win32-release Diff File
rm - docs/pkglists/win64-debug Diff File
rm - docs/pkglists/win64-release Diff File
mod - docs/pkglists/xUbuntu_16.04.i586 Diff File
mod - docs/pkglists/xUbuntu_16.04.x86_64 Diff File
mod - docs/pkglists/xUbuntu_18.04.x86_64 Diff File
rm - docs/pkglists/xUbuntu_20.04.x86_64 Diff File
mod - platforms/packaging/bareos.spec Diff File