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Affected Issues  0001176: Upgrade 18.2.5 to 19.2.5 failed while upgrading MySQL database
Changeset cats: Fix upgrading MySQL database from version 2171 to 2192

"CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS ..." does not work on MySQL.

Instead "ALTER TABLE Job ADD INDEX (JobTDate);" is compatible to
MariaDB and MySQL. This also works if an index is already in place.

Unfortunately we could end up having multiple indexes on
JobTDate this way, so manually cleaning up could be required.

Perform also a key distribution analysis on the PathVisibility
table after index drop.

Fixes 0001176: Upgrade 18.2.5 to 19.2.5 failed ...
mod - core/src/cats/ddl/updates/mysql.2171_2192.sql Diff File