bareos: bareos-19.2 ace6c834

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arogge arogge bareos-19.2 2020-02-07 16:58:34 bareos-19.2 bf4250b8 Pending
Affected Issues  0001180: CRC checksum algorithm changed between 18.2.7 and 19.2.5, all volumes fail
Changeset stored: use correct algorithm on FreeBSD

Fixes 0001180: CRC checksum algorihm changed between 18.2.7 and 19.2.5

Previously did not detect when it couldn't
find out what endianess the machine was. This is now
fixed so that
1. FreeBSD detects endianess correctly
2. the compile fails when there is no __BYTE_ORDER

(cherry picked from commit ee0b908a19cd740379e483da01d3054c9ccfd0a9)
mod - core/src/stored/crc32/ Diff File