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arogge arogge master 2019-11-29 12:18 master 3a5412d3 Pending
Changeset packaging: disable debtransform, remove *.changes

Nowadays Jenkins will select the release number we want to build, so
we disable the debtransform mechanism that overwrites the version.

Jenkins also generates a changelog that refers to the release notes.
Thus we should remove the unmaintained .changes files.
As Travis used the changes file to generate a debian changelog, we
now generate a dummy changelog.
mod - .travis.yml Diff File
mod - core/platforms/packaging/bareos-Univention_4.0.dsc Diff File
mod - core/platforms/packaging/bareos-Univention_4.2.dsc Diff File
rm - core/platforms/packaging/bareos.changes Diff File
mod - core/platforms/packaging/bareos.dsc Diff File
rm - python-bareos/packaging/python-bareos.changes Diff File
mod - python-bareos/packaging/python-bareos.dsc Diff File
rm - regress/packaging/bareos-regress.changes Diff File
mod - regress/packaging/bareos-regress.dsc Diff File
rm - vmware/packaging/bareos-vmware.changes Diff File
mod - vmware/packaging/bareos-vmware.dsc Diff File
rm - webui/packaging/obs/bareos-webui.changes Diff File
mod - webui/packaging/obs/bareos-webui.dsc Diff File