bareos: dev 703ffaec

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pstorz franku dev 2018-12-12 10:45 dev bcbf382d Pending
Changeset Small fixes for compiler warnings and log output

- explicitly declare functions override
- removed unneeded variables
- switched from Jmsg0 to Jmsg that does not print the sourcecode location
mod - core/src/cats/bdb_postgresql.h Diff File
mod - core/src/cats/bdb_priv.h Diff File
mod - core/src/dird/ Diff File
mod - core/src/dird/ Diff File
mod - core/src/filed/accurate.h Diff File
mod - core/src/lib/bsock_tcp.h Diff File
mod - core/src/qt-tray-monitor/monitoritemthread.h Diff File
mod - core/src/stored/backends/generic_tape_device.h Diff File
mod - core/src/stored/backends/unix_fifo_device.h Diff File
mod - core/src/stored/backends/unix_file_device.h Diff File
mod - core/src/stored/backends/unix_tape_device.h Diff File
mod - core/src/stored/dev.h Diff File
mod - core/src/stored/ Diff File