Released 2013-06-17
0000014: [director] Implement a scheduler preview for up to one year.
0000146: [director] Variable "Job Exit Code" in mailcommand reports always "Error" when doing copy or migration job
0000155: [director] runafterjob doesn't get executed if a runscript directive is placed before the directive runafterjob
0000159: [General] Display Error in bconsole for status slots; did not show empty slot after load
0000160: [director] Job overwrite "nextpool" in run command in bconsole doesn't work
0000163: [installer / packages] add link to to installer
0000165: [bat] If during a backup the filedaemon dies the TrayIcon remains blinking
0000168: [director] Enhance rerun command to be able to restart all failed jobs from last n days
0000169: [director] Pool Overrides are overriden by "Full Backup Pool" Directive
0000172: [director] time command should also show weekday (pstorz)
0000166: [storage daemon] bareos-sd seems not to shutdown properly - drive lock prevents media removal (user12)
0000162: [storage daemon] unlike mtx package mt-st doesn't get installed automatically installing bareos - split off bareos-storage package (pstorz)
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