Released 2013-04-15
0000049: [installer / packages] Install Parameters and Helptext for cmd installation
0000121: [installer / packages] Deinstallation of windows installer works, but is not removed from the software list in windows.
0000036: [director] Implementation of restore using a set of copies of an original job
0000079: [installer / packages] configure Windows firewall with package installation
0000088: [director] Upgraded jobs use wrong pool
0000099: [installer / packages] user bareos unable to operate tape changer due to wrong permissions
0000135: [director] modulo scheduler does not work with weeks
0000139: [director] export command in a RunScript ressource does not get the correct volume when doing scheduled JobType Copy
0000140: [installer / packages] Winbareos installer renames old config when updating
0000148: [installer / packages] Backup Error: BackupCatalog fails duescript make_catalog_backup needs binary bareos-dbcheck, which is in bareos-database-tools
0000156: [installer / packages] bareos-dir crashes after update using the exit command in bconsole and bat
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