Released 2014-12-12
0000383: [director] dir command in bconsole crash bareos-dir
0000308: [General] Enable/Disable Scheduler
0000381: [storage daemon] btape tests fail on blocksizes > 256k
0000181: [director] Add command for doing a name resolution on client.
0000321: [file daemon] Add ability to specify server address for ADO connect string.
0000365: [api] Baseclass for Bareos Director Python plugins
0000376: [installer / packages] dkpg error messages
0000380: [installer / packages] Debian: when migrating from 13.2 to 14.2 with postgres backend on Debian systems, database permissions are not set correctly
0000309: [General] Create individual icons for different programs
0000375: [director] passive mode with TLS does not work during backup.
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