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0000893bareos-core[All Projects] webuipublic2018-01-23 08:462018-06-22 17:19
0000893: webui cannot list dirs with only files in them
We have a user's homedir which contains only files. When trying to browse the backup in the webui, it says: "Oops, something went wrong, probably too many files."
The user has 76 files in his homedir.
Another user's homedir which has files AND folders is browsable.
Not entirely sure, but we use the following fileset resource:

FileSet {
  Name = "p004home"
  Description = "Backup Project 004 user homedirs."
  Include {

     Options {
        exclude = yes
        wilddir = /data/home/*p004/data
        wild = /data/home/*lock_file*
     Options {
        signature = MD5
        wilddir = /data/home/*p004
        wild = /data/home/*p004/*
     Options {
        exclude = yes
        wilddir = /data/home/*

     File = /data/home/
May be related to: 0000891

Also, it seems that in the output it misses a comma sometimes. If I open the webui in Chrome, choose CTRL+SHIFT+I for developer tools and use network monitoring, I can see that in the last communication before the popup there's something wrong with the json output. First statement is not separated from the second by a comma:
[{"id":"-12408","text":".ssh/","icon":"glyphicon glyphicon-folder-close","state":"","data":{"type":"D","fullpath":"\/data\/home\/tegp004\/.ssh\/","pathid":12408,"fileid":1990019,"stat":{"atime":1516607463,"dev":64770,"ino":9840045,"group":"20503","rdev":0,"mtime":1511276383,"mode":16832,"nlink":2,"user":"20503","size":4096,"ctime":1511276394},"name":".ssh\/","jobid":21643,"lstat":"P0C liWt EHA C FAX FAX A BAA BAA I BaZZfn BaFD9f BaFD9q A A C","linkfileindex":0},"children":true}{"id"...

(Last few words, no comma between } and { )
related to 0000891resolved frank Webui will not open some windows clients directories 
child of 0000910closed  Release bareos-17.2.5 
patch 893.patch (1,166) 2018-01-23 15:07
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2018-01-23 15:10   
Uploaded patch that solves the problem.

The problem is that is that if the directory list does not include . and .., the RemoteController will fail when generating JSON output.

It expects the list to contain . and .., which it filters out. But it only puts a , after the directory list if the list contains more than 2 directories. However, if the list does NOT contain . and .., this means the produced JSON will be invalid if the list contains less than 3 normal directories.
2018-01-23 15:12   
So the bug title is actually wrong. It should be something like "webui cannot list directories with at least 1 file and between 1 and 3 direct subdirectories"

And the error message should probably not be "Oops, something went wrong, probably too many files.", but rather "Oops, something went wrong, probably too few directories." ;)
2018-02-13 18:52   
Fix committed to bareos-webui bareos-17.2 branch with changesetid 7738.