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0001001: Problem with the differential backup
Sorry for my English.

I have a problem with the differential backup.

I have the following backup strategy:
full backup every 28 days
differential backup every 7 days
incremental backup every day

Here is part of the corresponding configuration:
Job {
    Max Full Interval = 27 days 12 hours
    Max Diff Interval = 6 days 12 hours
Schedule {
    Run = Level=Incremental sun-sat at 1:05

The result is a chain of backups:
full, incr, incr, incr, incr, incr, incr, diff, incr, incr, incr, incr, incr, incr, diff, incr and so on.

When a differential backup is performed, only files modified since last incremental backup are copied, not since previous differential backup nor full backup.

It seems to me that this is due to confusion with the variables stime and jcr->stime in the function get_level_since_time in the src/dird/job.c file.
Before the function there is a comment: "The time in jcr->stime is later passed to tell the File daemon what to do."
But operations with the variable stime do not end with the setting of the value of the variable jcr->stime when doing differential backup.

Please fix it.
Thank you very much.
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2018-10-04 08:56   
This problem violates the main function of the software: files are not backed up.